Resources and Suggested Reading

SGMA-Driven Solutions

California State Agency Portals

SGMA, Resources

SGMA, Data and Tools Portal

SGMA, Facilitation and Technical Services

Basin Prioritization

SGMA, Best Management Practices and Guidelines

SGMA, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies

California Groundwater Bulletin 118

Adjudicated Areas

Sustainable Groundwater Management Portal

State Water Board Groundwater Portal

Department of Fish and Wildlife Groundwater/SGMA Program

Guidelines, White Papers, Resources

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, A Special Issue of the journal California Agriculture.” California Agriculture (2018)


Kristin Dobbin, Jennifer Clary, Laurel Firestone & Juliet Christian-Smith. “Collaborating for Success: Stakeholder Engagement for SGMA Implementation.” Community Water Center. (UCS 2017):

Trading Sustainably: Critical Considerations for Local Groundwater Markets Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.” UC Berkeley (June 2017)

SGMA Workshop: Groundwater Management Case Studies (ACWA, CWF, RCRC)

California Code of Regulations, Title 23. Waters, Division 2. Department of Water Resources, Chapter 1.5. Groundwater Management, Subchapter 2. Groundwater Sustainability Plans

Recharge Net Metering to Enhance Groundwater Sustainability.” UC Berkeley (April 2018)

Navigating Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions for SGMA.” UC Berkeley (March 2018)

Improving California's Stream Flow Monitoring Network.” UC Berkeley (April 2018)

Data for Water Decision Making.” UC Berkeley (Jan. 2018)


Tara Moran. “Projecting Forward, A Framework for Groundwater Model Development under the SGMA.” Stanford University (Nov. 2016)


Groundwater in the News (UC Davis) 


Maven’s Notebook, California Water Library

Ellen Hanak, Jelena Jezdimirovic, Sarge Green & Alvar Escriva-Bou. “Replenishing Groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley.” Public Policy Institute of California (April 2018)

Ellen Hanak, Jay Lund, Brad Arnold, Alvar Escriva-Bou, Brian Gray, Sarge Green, Thomas Harter, Richard Howitt, Duncan MacEwan & Josué Medellín-Azuara. “Water Stress and a Changing San Joaquin Valley.” Public Policy Institute of California (Mar. 2017) 

Caitrin Chappelle, Ellen Hanak. “Fact Sheet on Groundwater in California.” Public Policy Institute of California (May 2017)

Groundwater Rights Primer: What Agencies & Project Developers Need to Know.” Maven’s Notebook (Mar. 7, 2018)


Christina Babbitt. “The Groundwater Manager’s dilemma: How to Comply with New California Law Without Changing Water Rights.” Environmental Defense Fund (Sep. 4, 2018)


Webcasts and Videos

PPIC Policy Priorities for CA Water Panel Discussion: Implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

UC ANR Webinar, Understanding the Implementation of SGMA

GRACast: Managing the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface Under California's New Groundwater Law

GRACast: Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: What you need to know

GRACast Series on Sustainable Groundwater Management

UC ANR: Water and Drought Online Seminar Series

The Business of Water

Vanessa Fuhrmans and Alejandro Lazo. “California Moves to Mandate Female Board Directors.” Wall Street Journal (Aug. 29, 2018)


Manny Teodoro. “Men, Women, and Water, Gender predicts concern for water utility issues.” (October 16, 2018)


Tara Lohan. Water Deeply. 


Hannah Kemp, Kathleen O’Dell, Sameera Syed & Kate Thompson. “Thirsty for Change: The Untapped Potential of Women in Urban Water Management.” Deloitte Insights (Jan. 23, 2017)


Sam Ori. “It’s Time to Let the Free Market Work for Water.” Wall Street Journal (Oct. 15, 2017)


Women and Leadership 2018.” Pew Research Center (Sep. 20, 2018)


Climate Change


California’s Climate Change Portal

California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment (2018)

Provides information to build resilience to climate impacts, including temperature, wildfire, water, sea level rise, and governance.


California State Climatologist. California Department of Water Resources

 “Climate Change Research Plan for California.” Adaptation Clearinghouse (February 2015)

Water and Climate Change Adaptation.” California Climate Change

Richard Frank, Jeffrey Mount, Alvar Escriva-Bou, Ellen Hanak, Jay Lund, Daniel Cayan, J. R. DeShazo, Frank Davis, Paul Ullrich & Robert Wilkinson. “California’s Water: Climate Change and Water.” Public Policy Institute of California (October 2016)

Global Warming of 1.5°C.” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (2018)


Resources for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Climate Action Plan.” San Diego County Water Authority (revised December 2015)

Climate Change Action Plan.” Santa Clara Valley Water District (2018)

California Air Resources Board

California Climate Investments (a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Action Plan-Phase 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan.” California Department of Water Resources

List Services

California Department of Water Resources

Climate News Digest, a monthly summary of climate change news.


California Natural Resources Agency Climate Change List Service

E-mail notices of CNRA climate change activities and events

Web Tools


View how climate change might affect California. Find tools, data, and resources to conduct research, develop adaptation plans and build applications.

Explore the clearinghouse database to find resources on climate adaptation and resiliency efforts in California.

Our Coast Our Future

Provides coastal California resource managers and land use planners locally relevant, online maps and tools to help understand, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms.

Hazard Exposure and Reporting Analytics (HERA)

USGS HERA focuses on California coastal communities and their varying exposure to flooding related to coastal storm and sea level rise. Interactive maps and graphics allow users to examine hazard exposure for individual communities, to compare the exposure of multiple communities, and to explore changes in community exposure given multiple hazard scenarios.

California Heat Assessment Tool (CHAT)

This tool allows users to explore and understand how extreme heat will impact specific communities across the state.

Adaptation Capability Advancement Toolkit (Adapt-CA)

Assists California local governments with overcoming common institutional barriers and improving agency capabilities. Using Adapt-CA, local governments will be able to rapidly identify opportunities to improve existing capabilities to pursue climate change adaptation initiatives more effectively and holistically.

California Emergency Response Infrastructure Climate Vulnerability Tool (CERI)

Interactive mapping tool to visualize and assess risk of emergency response infrastructure to climate change.


Planning and Investing for a Resilient California: A Guidebook for State Agencies.” Governor’s Office of Planning and Research

Final Updated State of California Sea Level Rise Guidance.” California Ocean Protection Council (2018)

Climate Action Plan-Phase 2 Guidance.” California Department of Water Resources (September 2018)

Perspectives and Guidance for Climate Change Analysis.” California Department of Water Resources Climate Change Technical Advisory Group (August 2015)

Water resources specific guidance on climate change scenarios and analysis

Informal Guidance for DWR Grantees: GHG Assessment For CEQA Purposes.” California Department of Water Resources (February 2011)

Coastal Resilience

The Nature Conservancy, Blueprints of Natural Shoreline Infrastructure (expected release date December 2018, other information is currently available on the site)



Adaptation Clearinghouse

Water Year 2018: Hot and Dry Conditions Return (October 2018)

Paying It Forward: The Path Toward Climate-Safe Infrastructure in California.” California Natural Resources Agency (September 2018)

State Water Project Clean Energy for California.” California Department of Water Resources (September 2018)

Climate Science Support.” California Department of Water Resources (August 2018)

27 examples and links to collaborative climate change information

Carmen Milanes, Tamara Kadir, Bennett Lock, Laurie Monserrat, Nathalie Pham, and Karen Randles. “Indicators of Climate Change in California.” Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, California Environmental Protection Agency (May 2018)

Safeguarding California and Climate Change Adaptation Policy.” California Natural Resources Agency (2018 Update)

State’s roadmap for everything state agencies are doing and will do to protect communities, infrastructure, services, and the natural environment from climate change impacts

Case Studies of Natural Shoreline Infrastructure in Coastal California.” The Nature Conservancy (2017)

Hydroclimate Report 2017.” Office of the State Climatologist (released Aug 2018)

California Department of Water Resources, Climate Change and Water

California Department of Water Resources, Climate Change Program
                Includes information on impacts, mitigation, adaptation and guidance.

California Department of Water Resources, California Climate Science and Data for Water Resources Management

Provides guidance on climate change scenarios.

California Coastal Resilience Network


Technology and Innovation

The Seven Big Ideas for Sustainable Water Management.” US Water Alliance. 

The 7th Big Idea: Accelerate technology adoption to build efficiency and improve water service


Matt Simon. “LA is Doing Water Better than Your City. Yes, That LA.” Wired (2018)


Modern Agriculture, Innovative Tools and Technologies Aiding Water Conservation in Agriculture

Could These Five Innovations Help Solve the Global Water Crisis?The Guardian (Feb. 13, 2017)


Conor Cawley.“5 Technologies Working to Solve the Global Water Crisis.” Tech.Co (Feb. 13, 2018)


Underground Water Leaks: City Listening For Drips.” San Francisco Patch (Sep. 18, 2018)

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has launched a new pilot project that employs acoustics to help find leaky underground pipes so they can repaired.


Smart Data Infrastructure for Wet Weather Control and Decision Support.” EPA (Aug. 2018)


Imperial Irrigation District, Water Conservation


Imperial Irrigation District, Fact Sheet


Imperial Irrigation District, Most Recent Water Conservation Plan


Laurel Firestone and Susana De Anda. “Financial and Technological Innovations to Help Communities Afflicted by Contaminated Water.” New York Times (Aug. 21, 2018)